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If you are interested in insulation for a new home construction or updating your current home, the benefits of insulation are substantial. The advantages of insulation are not limited to common areas in your home; attics, basements, garages, crawl spaces and pole barns can also be insulated to improve the comfort level of your living space.

Building a new home is a major investment.  Choosing the right insulation can help you avoid any costly surprises before moving in and help you SAVE hundreds of dollars on your heating and cooling bill. There are many important things to consider and ask yourself when choosing energy efficient insulation.

Benefits of insulation include:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Temperature regulation
  • Improved sound control
  • Less pollen, dust and insects entering your home
  • Humidity control
  • Moisture Control

In addition to helping with mold, cold floors and high energy bills, efficient insulation can prevent damage to your home that could cost you thousands of dollars. Ice dams are thick, heavy, ice formations that cause structural damage. The cost to repair the results of ice dams can be severe to commercial and residential property owners. Ice dams can cause destruction to ceilings, shingles, gutters, paint and even cause safety hazards for pedestrians. Combined with attic air sealing, insulation can also help to alleviate the formation of the dangerous ice dams.

Types of Residential Insulation We Offer

It can be tempting to try insulation yourself, however this task can be a tricky operation that is best left to professionals. We maintain a close relationship with our material suppliers allowing us to make the best decisions for your home. Let us handle the insulation so you can save the headache of buying materials, installing and most of all, paying to have the job done a second time.

The experts at G.E. Insulation are able to work with your budget to help you reach your home improvement goals. We offer inspections and estimates where we can eliminate concerns and assess exactly what needs to be done to reach maximum customer satisfaction.

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